Witch Bolt, A Double Knit Hat – Coming Soon!

Witch Bolt - A Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Double Knit Hat

Call for Test Knitters

Test knitters still needed for this double knit hat pattern! If you’re up for a challenge, I need one more knitter who is available to knit this hat by the 26th of March.

About This Pattern

A beholder stands before you, ready to wipe out your entire knitting group in one fell swoop! Little does he know, you’re a Level 3 Knitting Wizard. You point your knitting needle towards the beholder and a beam of crackling energy launches and attaches to it! You’re able to defeat this giant beast with your knitting prowess alone!

Okay, that’s not exactly how fight with a beholder would go, but we all know this is really about knitting. Witch Bolt is a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired double knit hat pattern. You knit it up using two colors and when you’re done, it’s magically reversible! Just kidding, there’s no magic here, just your awesome knitting.

In the pattern, I have explained in detail how to double knit stockinette and ribbing, as well as how to decrease while double knitting. If you’re new to double knitting, it can be a great way to get cozy with the method as the color pattern requires very little thought!

Coming Soon

Witch Bolt is set to release on March 30th on its own and also in a new Dungeons & Dragons-inspired hat bundle on Ravelry!

Freebie! Wishing For Snow Cowl, A Perfect Winter Knit

I really wanted to get this pattern released before Christmas (which includes getting it out before a cruise I’m taking on the 22nd)! I ran out of time due to some well-timed migraines (just kidding, they’re never well timed and should just never happen), so I decided to publish a ‘recipe’ of sorts. This is a quick and dirty version of the pattern that hasn’t been tech edited or tested, so knit at your own risk! It’s also free, so there’s that. 😉

The Wishing For Snow Cowl is the perfect winter knit, with a huge squishy cable running through the middle, surrounded by big baubles! Knitting baubles with super bulky yarn is a fun, cozy treat.


10.25″/26cm wide x 21.75″/55cm around


  • Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn Company ‘Wool-Ease Thick & Quick’ (79% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 1% Metallic Polyester, 84 m per 140g skein); 1 skein; sample uses color “Starlight” or find a super bulky yarn that knits up close to gauge.
  • Needles: US 17 / 13mm
  • Cable Needle
  • Darning needle


9 sts x 7.5 rows = 4″/10cm in stockinette

If you want to just start the cowl, make sure your full width is 10.25″/26cm and that your row gauge is coming out about the same as above. If your row gauge is off, use your judgement to add or subtract rows from the completed cowl.

Pattern Overview

Here’s what’s going on:

  • The cowl is knitted flat, with both end are sewn together to create a cowl.
  • The first and last seven stitches of each row are in seed stitch (k1, p1 on the right and wrong sides).
  • The middle 12 stitches are knit (purled on the WS) and crossed over every 12th row (6/6 RC).
  • Starting on the 5th row (RS), and every fourth row after that, we’re making a bobble on the 2nd outermost stitches or the second innermost stitches of the seed stitch section (so the 6th and 20th stitches in the row). This will alternate. For example, on the 5th row, we’ll make bobbles on the outside of the seed stitch section, on the 9th row we’ll make them on the inside, on the 13th row, we’ll make them on the outside again, and so on.
  • I decided on 73 rows because that’s what fit my neck and made the spacing between first cable crossover and the last one line up. You can go shorter or longer depending on how much yarn you have!

The Quick and Dirty Pattern

CO 26 sts.

Row 1 and most RS rows: (K1, p1) x 3, k14, (p1, k1) x 3.

Row 2 and most WS rows: (K1, p1) x 3, k1, p12, k1, (p1, k1) x 3.

Unless specified below, knit your rows as above.

Row 5, 13, 29, 37, 53, 61: K1, mb, (k1, p1) x 2, k14, (p1, k1) x 2, mb, k1.

Row 17, 25, 41, 49, 65, 73: (K1, p1) x 2, k1, mb, k14, mb, (k1, p1) x 2, k1.

Row 9, 33, 57: (K1, p1) x 2, k1, mb, k1, 6/6 RC, k1, mb, (k1, p1) x 2, k1.

Row 21, 45, 69: K1, mb, (k1, p1) x 2, k1, 6/6 RC, k1, (p1, k1) x 2, mb, k1.

Knit in this pattern for 73 rows, BO, leaving a long tail. Use the tail to stitch together both ends of the cowl.


6/6 RC – Right cross cable.

BO – Bind off

CO – Cast On

K – Knit

MB – Make bobble

P – Purl

RS – Right side

WS – Wrong side

How To

MB – This site has a great tutorial on creating bobbles! https://www.craftsy.com/blog/2014/02/how-to-knit-a-bobble-stitch/ (Follow the “How to Knit a Large Bobble” instructions)

6/6 RC – Put next 6 sts on cable needle, hold cable needle in back. Knit next 6 sts, knit the 6 sts off of the cable needle. Check out my 2/2 Cable Tutorial you can do the same thing I do in the video, except with 6 and 6 stitches rather than 2 and 2.

I hope you have fun knitting this! If you have any questions, comment below!

Doctor Who Christmas Special Make-a-long!

Traveler Colorway - Felici Worsted from Knit Picks

Is anyone else as excited about the new Doctor as I am?! I love Doctor Who Christmas specials and I love meeting a new Doctor. (I’m a little sad that I’m going to be on a cruise this Christmas, so I’ll have to wait until I get back to watch it! Eek! Okay, maybe not that sad.)

To celebrate, I thought we’d make something Doctor Who-y together and count down the 13 days until we meet the 13th Doctor! From December 12th-December 25th, pick a Doctor Who inspired project and start making! Post your progress to Instagram using the “#doctorwhoMAL” hashtag and join us on the Geeky Knitters Unite! Facebook Group too (a link will be sent when you sign up below)!


Prizes will be given out to two random makers that sign up to the newsletter below! (If you’ve already joined my newsletter, just fill out the form again to be funneled into this list!)

First Prize:

2 Skeins of Knit Picks’ Felici Worsted in the discontinued Time Traveler colorway, enough to knit the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Infinity Scarf!

Second Prize:

1 Skein of Knit Picks’ Felici Worsted in the discontinued Time Traveler colorway, enough to knit a cool Doctor Who inspired hat!

To be eligible for prizes, get a discount on my latest Doctor Who knitting pattern, Doctor Who trivia, and project ideas, sign up for my newsletter below!


Join the Doctor Who Make Along

Aw, the Make Along is now over! Maybe next year…

Live Stream Knitting!

So there’s this thing called Twitch and if you’re not a gamer, you may not have heard of it before. On Twitch, you can watch people play games, but even more exciting, you can watch people working through creative endeavors like knitting and crocheting!

I’ve just started streaming my creative endeavors on Twitch. The fun thing about knitting on Twitch is that it’s pretty much like a stitch-n-bitch. I’ll knit and chat with you while you knit and chat — or just hang out and chat — or just ‘lurk’ and not chat! I’d love for you to join when you can!

My schedule is tentative, but I’ll be streaming MWF: 2pm-4pm EST and T: 1pm-4pm EST

Please join me and send me a chat message! Let me know if there’s something you want me to stream that’s knitting or creativity related.

Put a Bird on My Cuppa Pattern Release

Put a Bird on My Cuppa - a unique, complex stranded colorwork knitted hat pattern

Teacups come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, just screaming to be imitated through knitting! Like the Nice Cuppa hat before it, the Put a Bird on My Cuppa hat is inspired by dainty teacups. Featuring a complex colorwork pattern of blue and white, you’ll love watching the pattern emerge as you mindfully knit this hat. Remember to prepare your favorite cuppa before sitting down to knit!

Buy it now on Ravelry!

Put a Bird on My Cuppa by @arossen2000
Put a Bird on My Cuppa by @arossen2000
Put a Bird on My Cuppa by KellyGirlKnits
Put a Bird on My Cuppa by KellyGirlKnits

The hat begins with 2×1 ribbing and a row of purls for flair. The rest of the hat is knit in stockinette stitch, using two colors, following the provided chart. A few rows after the color chart is complete, decreases begin to shape the crown and finish the hat.


  • Knit, purl, cast-on Stranded colorwork
  • Decreases (k2tog)
  • Working in the round on circular needles
  • Working in the round on DPNs / with magic loop / with two circulars


  • US 1 / 2.5mm, 16”/40cm circulars or size to obtain gauge
  • Matching DPNs (or preferred tools) for working the crown


  • 8 Stitch Markers (1 unique to mark round)
  • Tapestry needle


Buy it now on Ravelry!

Charm: A D&D-inspired cabled hat pattern

Charm Hat knitting pattern

Buy it now on Ravelry

Charm is inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons spell: Charm Person. When you cast this spell on someone, they automatically treat you as a friend. Cast this on your needles and be charmed by the cabled Xs and Os, and the sweet purled hearts that run up to the crown of the hat. Don’t be alarmed if people seem to start more conversations with you while wearing this hat, it’s just the effect of the spell!

This hat is all about subtle texture and will become your favorite beanie to wear for all of your casual outings. Pick a solid color or speckled yarn to show off the textures (I don’t recommend variegated yarn as the colors will make the texture hard to see).

Along with charming the pants off of everyone you meet, the cables and raised purl motifs in this pattern are engaging to knit but still simple enough that you could work on it during your next D&D campaign (but don’t because your DM will kill me for suggesting that — unless they’re super cool). It’s a great project for dipping your toe into cables if you haven’t knit them before and the pattern includes a tutorial on the cables used to help you through.

More information on Ravelry

Free Knitting Pattern: Saturday Afternoon Armwarmers

Free Knitted Armwarmer Pattern

It’s been almost a year since the Saturday Afternoon Armwarmers were published in Knit Now Magazine and if you never got a copy of the magazine, you may have felt like you were missing out… but wait no longer! Fill out the form below to download a free PDF of the pattern.

These armwarmers are inspired by my favorite kind of weekend: The kind where I have no plans and nowhere to go. Soft, cozy and oversized, these armwarmers are what I would want to wear on a chilly Saturday afternoon while knitting in my favorite chair.


Knitting these armwarmers is like reading your favorite book for the third time. Simple stockinette in the round, a few inches of ribbing, a few increases, decreases, and just the slight complication of the thumb hole make this a relaxing knit. The two-color pattern allows for fun customization, too! Show off your own style with a unique color combo.

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