Being happy: Woopsies!

Brought John out for dinner before the DJ Tiesto show. Jessy brought cake and candles… John’s turning 24. 🙂 Thought this was hilarious. Maybe you had to be there.

Being Happy

I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stuff this year. I can honestly say it’s been the hardest, most taxing year that I’ve ever had. I know there may be more to come (seeing as how I’m only 23), so I’ve decided that I need a way to stay creative and focused on what …

I’m knitting again!

5/13/2009 It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about knitting. I’ve been trying to do more knitting lately and decided to devote myself to knitting a hat for my mom. She’s been asking for one for more than a year now so I needed to get off my butt and just start working! (Actually, …

Things that have been keeping me occupied

Tea, of course. Keeping my plants alive. Occasional knitting (with the softest yarn ever!) My new otocinclus who cleaned the tank all by himself! 🙂 And last but not least: reading. I’m in between 7 books… I must have ADD. (My current reading list) What are you drinking, knitting or reading? What’s occupying you?